All right people, my button making machine has arrived and I’ve started making buttons and magnets for The Down Deep! If you’re psyched to have one I’ve got 3 buttons and 3 magnets up for grabs! Here’s a photo:

The Down Deep

To enter, just post a comment here answering this question: Who in the silo would you give a gift to for Christmas and what would it be?

After you comment, use the Rafflecopter widget below. This should unlock the ability to enter up to three more times!

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  • Margaret

    I would give a water purifying filter that fits on a canteen to Mayor Jahns to use on Marnes’ canteen.

  • Robert

    Scuba gear for Jules

  • Zach

    I’d give IT a ‘special’ batch of cookies.

  • Jennifer

    Jules needs a new fashion wardrobe, along with a treadle sewing machine.

  • noah_s

    I’d give Walker a big box of transistors so he could whip up his own radio system to talk to whatever bands of the spectrum he pleased.

  • Jason Thompson

    I’d give Jules a new set of tools. And a hug.

  • colby z

    I’d give Lukas a telescope to set up in the cafeteria.

  • Steven C

    Marnes – A set of truck nuts. Seems like the kind of guy that would like that.

  • Kay

    I would give Juliete a two week vacation away from the Silo, she has worked too hard and deserves not to be on high alert every single second of every day!

  • Katie Ringo

    I’d get Solo a best friend!

  • Diane

    Lukas deserves a telescope

  • Lococoyote

    Everyone. And the gift would be a copy of Wool! They deserve to know what’s going on!


  • Thomas

    A box of real pencils with erasers for Lukas.

  • Roger S

    I would give IT that USB thumbdrive I found on the stairs. What could possibly go wrong with that?

  • Courtney

    I’d like to give Solo a kitty to keep him company.

  • Carolyn

    I’d give Mission a ream of paper.

  • travis

    i would brew up 31 gallons (a barrel) of my robust, hoppy porter for the folks in the down deep, they have earned it. Might also get Jules something “more confortable” to wear.

  • Michael H.

    I would give Interim Mayor Bernard my services as a shadow for the IT Lead position. Together, we would bring order and peace to the silo.

  • Sam W.

    I’d give the pact and history to Solo. Thanks for the chance!

  • Sharon Conant

    I think the Crow would like more dresses in her limited “one for each day of the week” wardrobe (she could do laundry less often!) and a pistol to tuck in the folds of those dresses for protection against newly inducted IT heads.

  • kevin howard

    I would give Jules a multi tool, God knows that women needed one bad!

  • Tony James Slater

    I would get a ‘Keep Calm, and Carry On’ poster for Donald to put up on the wall of his temporary ops room in the armoury.
    I think he’d find it even more useful that most of the world does today…

  • Joanna

    I’d give Solo a parrot to talk to.

  • Sean Patrick Brennan

    I would give the porters new shoes.

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