Hey Woolites! Thanks to Hugh, who is as always an amazingly nice guy, has donated two of his Fallout Shelter USB drives to The Down Deep to give away. The drives include the omnibus editions of Wool and Shift, as well as Dust.

To enter, all you have to do is comment and tell us how you first found out about the Silo saga. After that, you can do social media entries. You MUST log in all entries in the Rafflecopter widget at the bottom after they’re completed or they will not count! (including the comment entries)

You can take a look at them in Hugh’s video below.

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  • Nerfenstein

    I first heard about Wool from a friend of mine, he messaged me and said “Angela you MUST read this”, so I did and was truly amazed. I laughed, I cried, I loved!

    Anyway that’s my two cents.. those USB’s are wicked!

  • justin katsinis


  • Colby Zoeller

    Found wool 1 on Amazon while buying a bunch of random new books for the kindle I got for Christmas 2 years ago. Have since read everything Hugh has written.

  • Will Swardstrom

    I had seen the free story while browsing Amazon and downloaded it but never read it until after I’d looked up Hugh and started reading his blog. By then, he’d completed the Omnibus and the rest is history. Loved it so much, I wrote a WOOL story of my own.

  • Ryan Foster

    I found WOOL while reading miscellaneous indie books from Amazon. I read some that were OK, some that weren’t, and then I found WOOL. I couldn’t believe the reviews so I gave it a shot… and it CHANGED MY LIFE! 😀 Ever since I’ve been a die hard Hugh Howey fan :)

  • EagleCracker

    Just found out about it from ender. net Twitter account. Have no idea what it is guess I should look it up

  • Marianne Soucy

    I first read a story about Wool online, about how it was self published and climbing the charts. After reading the first story, I was hooked and telling my friends they HAD to read it!

  • Pablo Aguiar

    I was introduced to this amazing saga a year ago by the Western Suburban Sci-Fi Book Club ( I recall a post on Facebook where they said something like “If you haven’t read Wool, I’m jealous of you — I wish I could read it again for the first time.”

    So, I picked up my Kindle, downloaded WOOL and read in just a couple hours of a Monday’s early morning. This is how this awesome journey of joy started for me =)

    P.S.: Here is such said post:


  • Stephanie

    I heard about this series from my sister, who loves it.

  • Alistair G

    I found WOOL through an Amazon recommendation. I then proceeded to read the entire first anthology in a matter of days, finding myself on my Kindle in every free moment.

  • Alistair G

    I first found WOOL through Amazon recommendations. I got totally sucked in and found myself on my Kindle during any free moment of the next couple of days. Same goes for the release of SHIFT, and I couldn’t help but read DUST all in a single sitting.

  • AJM229

    I first found about this Silo saga, well, from Facebook from just a couple minutes ago. It looks like a very interesting series, and I would certainly give it a shot the next time I head to the bookstore to pick up a new read. (Though if I may offer up a bit of criticism, it’s a tad difficult to actually find out what Wool is about from the author’s website… maybe some additional clarification about the plot would be helpful to new readers.)

  • Doug Dutcher

    I follow on Facebook, and they posted the link… And I’m excited to enter!
    Can’t wait for the Ender’s Game film in November, either!

  • Roshane

    I follow , and they posted this link

  • James Meighen

    I first found about these books from my younger brother. We’re both combat veterans of the conflicts in Iraq and Afghanistan… these books have helped draw us together as brothers. It gives us something to talk about in our spare time and it really has helped us reintegrate into civilian society by giving us something cool to share with new people we meet. Thank you so much for this site and a big thanks to Mr. Howey for writing such an incredible world to read about and take part in!

  • first_fanette

    Ha! I found out about the saga when Crystal herself talked about it elsewhere, and then some more from Hugh when he was on Endercast. Can’t wait to read the stuff!

  • Lindsay Chicka

    I found out about the saga after posted about this giveaway on Facebook. No matter the results of this giveaway, I will definitely be checking these books out.

  • Jennifer Nguyen-Palisoc Deperi

    I found out about the saga from :) After reading the reviews I definitely want to read it!

  • DustinDopps

    I have never heard of this series, but now that I have it sounds great.

  • Ivan Preuss

    I found out about this saga from and it sounds so fu**ing amazing! and i definetly want to read it, like right now! 😀 (amazing job with those usb drives, they are amazing)

  • Christopher Mennuto

    Thank you for bringing this series to my attention! I’ll definitely check it out.

  • Jenneral

  • Mina Nixie

    Learned about it from!

  • Randy Greenhaw

    Read this series approx 3 years ago, but reading again now. Just as good the 2nd time around

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