Hugh Howey in Entertainment Weekly’s Summer Must List Issue

This week’s June 1/8 Entertainment Weekly is a double issue highlighting this summer’s best movies, tv, music, and books and on page 122, there’s a half page spread on Hugh Howey!

In it, Hugh Howey jokes about being compared to Fifty Shades of Grey, “I’m just waiting for the really bad reviews to come in from disappointed soccer moms who pick up Wool and find absolutely nothing titillating about it.”

The comparison between the two books continues to drive me insane. It’s like when you recommend A Game of Thrones to your friend and she asks if it’s as good as Twilight; you just want to claw your eyes out and fall to the floor screaming at such a question.

The cover features The Amazing Spider-Man and hit stands May 25, 2012. The issue will sell until May 31, 2012 or June 1, 2012, depending on when your local magazine stand or bookshop switches out the issues.

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