Hugh Howey Makes Wool 1 “Free Forever”

In celebration of Wool 1′s one taking off one year ago this month, author Hugh Howey has announced that the first short story, the one that started it all, is now free on the Amazon Kindle and iTunes and will remain free forever.

It’s been funny being a fan, since I’m just one out of many, yet reading comments from others here and elsewhere on the Internet, I can tell that I feel the same kind of affection toward the book and its author as many others. We all want him to do well so badly and it’s been truly amazing watching him achieve new heights over the last six months since I first discovered Wool on Amazon.

Now that Wool 1 is free online, we can all push it on friends and family even harder! So get cracking and apply pressure to everyone you know and get them to read Wool.

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