Hugh Howey Posts Excerpt from Second Shift: Order

Those of you anxiously waiting for another Wool story can now read a rough draft excerpt from Second Shift: Order (aka Wool 7) on Hugh’s website. He says it’s maybe 3-4 weeks away from being available for purchase on Amazon. This book focuses on the events in Silo 18 during the Great Uprising.

For new readers, the first five Wool stories can be purchased together in Wool: Omnibus and Wool 6 is titled First Shift: Legacy.

Here’s a bit of a teaser from his excerpt:

Deathdays were birthdays. That’s what they said, anyway, those who were left behind. They said this to ease their pain. An old man dies and a lottery is won. Children weep while hopeful parents cry tears of joy. Deathdays were birthdays, and no one knew this better than Mission Jones.

It was the day before his seventeenth. Tomorrow, he would grow a year older. It would also mark seventeen years since his mother died. The cycle of life was everywhere—it wrapped around all things like the great spiral staircase—but nowhere else was it more evident, nowhere else could it be seen so clearly that a life given was one taken away. And so Mission approached his birthday with no joy, with a heavy load on his young back, thinking on death and celebrating nothing.

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