Hugh Howey Teases Adaptation of Novel

On the heels of the news that AMC is developing a TV series based on Hugh Howey’s Wool comes a tease from Hugh about yet another adaptation on a book of his he says “never gets mentioned.”

This has started speculation on Twitter, but note that Hugh says “novel” never mentioned. This narrows things down by cutting out his shorts, but not by much. His novels, excluding Wool, are:

  • Molly Fyde
  • The Hurricane
  • The Shell Collector
  • I, Zombie
  • Beacon 23
  • Half Way Home

I know some of you are probably screaming internally that Sand should be on that list. But note that it was announced last year that Sand is with SyFy, and people do talk about Sand quite often.

So which novel do you think he’s talking about? Vote in the poll below and comment on what you voted and why!

Which novel is Hugh Howey talking about in his tweet?
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